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Autumn, 2014



P1030395The following new additions are included under the "Exhibitions" section of the Museum website,
Porcelain eye baths are very fragile and rare. The bowl is the size of a human eye and would be placed upside down over the eye. It shows the popular pleasure boat design and dates from c1780-1785.

Thank you to Ms Pamela Royle for allowing me to photograph and exhibit her beautiful collection of antique eye baths.

bruce hamiltonDr Bruce Hamilton was a Tasmanian ophthalmologist who made a significant contribution to ophthalmic genetics, including a textbook of surgery.
From the Museum collection, the Phoropter, C1940 is part of an extensive collection from the late Dr Nick Kerkenazov bequeathed to RANZCO.
The fine display of slit lamps, perimeters and the phoropter are sited at the RANZCO office in Sydney.

Dr David Kaufman
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