Latest RANZCO Museum Update

 The last two months have been very busy with new acquisitions, website postings and the formation of the College Archives and Museum committee.

"The beginning of phacoemulsification"

Dr Jim Peters who practiced in Cairns for many years found the original Kelman phacoemulsifier, the Cavitron 7000 in his garage! Having seen a lot of service with all the original problems of heat, chamber instability and using early techniques of "flip n chip", the machine is on its way to Sydney for display. Jim is going to give us some of his recollections of the machine and its idiosyncrasies.


The Archives and Museum Committee chaired by Dr David Kaufman (Melbourne), Jeff Palmer (Archivist) A/Prof Bruce Hadden (New Zealand) , Prof Ian McAllister (Western  Australia) and Prof Mark Radford (CEO Queensland Eye Institute) has had its first meeting by teleconference.

The members will function as local resources and collectors of ophthalmic heritage. Ways were discussed of exhibiting on the Museum website artefacts from private collections. These can be viewed under the "collections" tab.

Currently Dr John Gregory Roberts from Sydney has allowed us to show some extraordinary examples of antique spectacles.

Good progress has been made by our archivist Jeff Palmer who brings his skills as a professional archivist to the College in sorting the basement and its huge collection of material which documents the foundations of ophthalmology in Australia and the societies that followed culminating in RANZCO. A lot of archival work in the past has been done by Neville Banks, Barry Diletti and Margaret Dunn. Jeff Palmer is working toward consolidating the archives so they can be retrieved for public access on a search engine linked to the Museum site. Once the physical space occupied by the archives has been trimmed, we can move toward a permanent exhibition of Museum material in the RANZCO office.

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Anyone with artefacts they wish to exhibit on the website while retaining ownership should contact David Kaufman This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

The history of the instruments and the beautiful storage cabinet belonging to Sir Lindo Ferguson (NZ) currently in the Auckland collection has been sent by Bruce Hadden 

Website additions!

Video interviews include A/Prof Wilson Heriot recounting the evolution of vitrectomy techniques with the originators he worked with in Australia and USA, and Bruce Crawford recalls the battles with aphakia.

At the RANZCO conference in Hobart, November 2013, we will be collecting more personal recollections. If you have a story to tell, please make contact.

Donations of artefacts

Recently Prof Hugh Taylor deposited a large box containing an 1885 "Saturn stereoscope" and a set of unique automated trephines for lamellar and penetrating grafts developed by Pericec and Crock; these will be on display in Hobart

Dr David Kaufman

The History of The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital

The history of the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital