The IODR includes a set of databases that allow Australasian hospitals and teaching institutions to list opportunities they have for IMGs from the Asia-Pacific region to undertake Fellowships/Observerships. The register will facilitate the matching of offers by hospitals and institutions to the IMGs.

By offering Fellowships and Observerships to IMGs from the Asia-Pacific region, you will be contributing to the improvement of coordination, mapping and the prioritisation of the educational needs of the region. You will also be contributing to improving professional standards and enhancing the capacity for eye care education in the Asia-Pacific region.



The IODR records the needs and opportunities offered by foreign educational ophthalmology institutions, training hospitals and international non-government organisations (INGOs) working in the Asia-Pacific region.

The IODR will facilitate the matching of offers by institutions, hospitals and INGOs with Fellows' expertise, also determining suitability of applicants on both sides.



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image030Photo Courtesy of The Fred Hollows Foundation



Losalini Tavaga: Pacific Eye Institute

Pacific Eye Institute acknowledges with appreciation the contribution and support made by RANZCO by sending fellows to support the teaching programs in the post graduate courses that are offered by the Institute. The fellows have been great resource persons with their clinical skills, exceptional knowledge and wealth of experience to teach both students and staff new clinical skills and suggested changes and improvements where there is a need. It is hoped that, RANZCO would secure funding to continue this program support until such time we have sufficiently trained Pacific Islanders to take over the teaching roles.

losalini tavagaL-R: Luisa Cikamatana Rauto, Losalini and Gerhard Schlenther. Photo courtesy: Losalini Tavaga